About us

The different between us and other companies is explained in a few words: we are a pure family business with 40 years of experience selling fishing tackle. Many fishing techniques have been brought to the german market by us over these years. Lilo, Manfred and Ingo Ehmanns are the permanent staff of the business, thus we have extremely low overhead costs. We are supported by a party of very experienced team anglers, testing our range.

Our range is sold via word-of-mouth effect. By now we gained cult status among many anglers because of our first class range with a fresh and functional design and the unrivaled price performance ratio. You should take your time and have a good look at the range of included features and the advantages our products offer. If you are not an extreme fanboy you should easily choose our goods.

Since autumn of 2009 we are assisted by some very experienced field workers to rise our public profile in germany and other countries, as well.

Our goods come from the best suppliers in Asia, like almost all british first class brands do, too. We can not reinvent the wheel, but we can have a good look at every single part to improve these. When quality and functionality are first class, price comes second. WE do our best to stand above the increasing crowd of fishing tackle brands!

The EHMANNS fishing team

Our range is developed by a team we have reason to be proud of. It is not made up of a bunch of anglers who have caught lots of huge fish but consists of people who have the knowledge and skills needed to improve our goods. Every single detail of a new product is inspected by the entire team and checked if there is anything left to be made better. Take a look at our goods and see for yourself how well thought-out they are.

Anja Petzold

Was very nature-related from childhood. As a teenager she met a guy who got her into fishing. Since then Ivo and Anja are a couple and spend every free minute at the river Elbe in Magdeburg, fishing for Carp and Catfish. Several times a year Anja and Ivo go to their favorite stretch of water, The Ebro in Spain, catching perch and catfish or to the Bodden after pikes. There are not many female anglers having caught fish the weight and number like Anja did.

Ivo Bollmann

Ivo is crazy about fishing since he was a knee-high boy. His first specialisation was for domestic predatory fish like pike and zander. 20 years ago he was infected with catfish-fever taking him to the river Ebro in Spain on a regular basis. Additionally, he landed giant catfish at several German and French watersides. For about 15 years, he is into carpfishing, too, catching them wherever they are. Ivo is spending as much time at the waterside as he can, making him a treasure chest for functional ideas to put in our products.

Marcus Pott

Passionate angler for more than 25 years. In the middle of the 90s he specialized into predatory fish, especially the catfish. He initiated the”Silure-Products” and is busy developing fishing gear and being our testfisher for some years by now.

Franck Leviez

Franck started carp fishing in 1986 with the arrival of modern techniques and so he followed the evolution of equipment and fishing techniques. He is fortunate to share his passion with his family, his wife Sylvie and his son Matthieu. Franck spend a maximum of time at the water's edge and participates in several contests each year. His camera is not only for immortalizing his catch but also the wonders of Mother Nature. For fun, in 2011, Franck has created a website to share his passion and experiences.

Radek "BULDOZER" Hyros

Radek – friends call him Bullodzer – lives near Prague. He is a fisherman for 30 years now, especially a carpfisherman during the last 18 years. He likes the river Elbe and small quarry ponds in the Czech Republic.

Veit Wieland

His Father took Veit to the water every weekend since he was a child. In the beginning, he was after anything that had a fin to it. Then, in 2000 he caught carp fever. Since then he spends every free minute at the waterside. For him, holiday means spending three weeks fishing with his wive. Fishing is not just a hobby, but a way of live. He has some EHMANNS fishing products for a couple of years now. Tested them and became a great fan of the functionality and quality. He will help us with exhibitions and product development.

Dirk Wagner

Dirk made his first steps at the water when he was eight years old. He went for tenches and small perches with is elder brother. Since he was fifteen he went to various fishing competitions in the Saarland and near France. Since 2008 Dirk goes for Carp at the river Saar and several lakes in France and Luxembourg. In the same year he became self employed as a tackle dealer with his company „BigCarp Tackle & More“ where he gets in contact with many anglers. We work with Dirk since the beginning of his store and have asked for his opinion on various subjects for several times. The EHMANNS fishing team welcomes him warmly and cannot wait to hear his ideas on how to develop and evolve our products.

Jens Koch

Fisherman for 35 years. Already as a child he was after everything he could catch at his local area. For 28 years he is hunting carp across Europe. Jens is known to many retailers for being holder of Soko-Tackle. He is a gifted angler, literally smelling the fish and always knowing the right solution to get hands on them. Jens has a large part on developing new products.

Christian Völlmecke

Fishing his local area for 25 years as an allrounder first. 14 years ago he specialized on carp and 6 years ago in catfish as well. He spends his holidays at various French rivers and lakes. As Christian spends almost his entire spare time at the water, we are lucky to have him as a testfisher. He took part in developing and improving our goods.

Manfred Ehmanns

Was stippfisher until it got banned and was (oder is) very fond of the British waggler- and stickfishing methods. Later he turned to Carp- Catfish- and big game fishing. Being a fishing supplies wholesaler for more than 30 years he came up with the idea of “EHMANNS fishing”!
EHMANNS fishing - field workers
Vitalij Golubovsky

Vitalij is passionately fond of fishing since his early childhood. He started with coarse fishing and then proceeded to predatory fish for a long time. He took part in many competitions, but for the last 10 years he went on to carpfishing. He had most of his catches in special ponds, but also went to the river Volga and did some sea fishing in Thailand and the Canary Islands. He is an ardent fan of the EHMANNS fishing brand and promotes it in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Vitalij supervises EHMANNS-Russia and participates in competitions with his EHMANNS-Russia team.

Field-area: Russia

Petr Gavenda

Petr lives in Prague, where he runs a big fishing tackle wholesale store. He is fishing for 25 years, the last fifteen years of these he mostly went for carp. Besides various waters in the Czech Republic he likes the big lakes of France, Italy and Spain. Petr represents our label very professionally in his store and at several exhibitions in the Czech Republic.

Field-area: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia

Bram de Bliek

Life on the bank is to short, to make compromises. My way of angling is based on this ”no compromises” Also for my equipment. If I don’t have to worry about my equipment I can totally focus on my angling. The Ehmanns Fishing products have that very high “no comprise quality” I am always looking for and therefore help me in my fishing.

Field-area: Benelux

Chris Vandenhaute

As I am a carp angler with very limited time to spend on the bank, my tackle has to be "spot on". This year I started to use Ehmanns tackle and I must admit that it is "spot on". I am a very big fan of the Hot Spot Session Bivvy for my short night sessions for the simple fact that it is quick to set up, strong and compact, for the colder months you can even put a winter skin on it! Ehmanns shelters are produced with a big heart for carp hunters, like you and me!

Field-area: Benelux

Jeroen Helfferich

Every year I try to spent as much time at the bank as I possibly can. I fish every season of the year, so my gear has to stand up against all types of weather. When I am at the bank I want to focus on my fishing and enjoy every minute of it. By being out there, you have to make sure you can beat all types of weather. The Ehmanns Fishing products give me the needed “all season” comfort and shelter, so I never have to worry about my materials and can totally focus on fishing itself.

Field-area: Benelux