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KRYSTON - SUPER MANTIS - Anti-Tangle Hybrid Ultra Braid

Since its launch the phenomenal success of this product simply cannot be overstated. Throughout the carp world hundreds of water records as well as national and world records have tumbled to the forward thinkers using this stunning product. It’s easy to see why this line has become a proven winner for tens of thousands. Mantis is a true hybrid hooklength purposely designed to give nylon and braid users the best of both worlds.

Its extreme low diameter allows superfine presentation, which is essential for fooling extremely cautious fish and due to its super tough coating the abrasion resistance is exceptional for such a low diameter line. Simply remove a section of coating and expose the braid to form highly effective hinge rigs, combi-links and beyond.
Essential for today’s forward thinker. A truly remarkable product.

Availability: Weed Green and Gravel Gold 15lb & 25lb