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With our track record it’s only natural to offer the best
Fluorocarbon that money can buy

New super abrasion resistant hooklength produced from premium grade fluorocarbon. Exceptional presentation of bait is assured due to its high quality. Within water its behaviour, reliable strength and all round robust nature combined with low visibility makes it essential for today’s specialist.

Incognito sinks instantly as soon as surface tension is broken. Once immersed its superb transparency comes into play giving you the ideal tool for fooling wary line shy fish. This new super fluoro ensures guaranteed knot strength for its diameter and when compared to conventional mono abrasion resistance is nothing short of outstanding.

Even better unlike many brands on sale Incognito has zero memory, this ensures it will lie straight along the bottom further improving your presentation.

Incognito contains the perfect degree of stiffness for all mono presentations coarse and game alike. Using a wide range of rigs, standard, stiff or chods it ties easily and securely to all hook patterns. Ideal as a bottom hugging no spook leader when used in the higher breaking strains. First-rate as the stiff section of combi-links for totally tangle free presentation. Tailor made for fly leaders and tippets; turns over perfectly allowing the most delicate of presentations.

This superb product has been well and truly tested over a two- year period passing with flying colours in saltwater, rocky strewn rivers and weedy snag-ridden swims.


The ideal mono hook-length for carp, barbel and many other species
Sounds good? … Then the best is yet to come
You get a whopping 50 mt for the same price as most other 20 mt brands!!