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If you like our products and want to be up to date about special offers, changes, news and other important things about EHMANNS fishing, join our Facebooksite. Here we show the latest catches and backgroundstories from our teamanglers, show reviews and reports of guests. You are welcome to comment, ask questions, show improvement ideas and answer surveys, too!

Or give us a call at 0049 5232 3288 and we will answer your questions outright. Learn about how things are manufactured or get a little help which item will suit your needs best. We will tell you right away what you need to know to make your decision. This applies for possible annoyances as well if things have somehow gone bad.

Tight Lines

Manfred Ehmanns

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If you like to know wether your desired item is in stock, our indicator light in the right corner of the description may help.

Green bar the product is in in stock

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If you have further questions about the delivery or the items, you can phone us 0049 5232 3288 or write a mail to

Summer Sale 30.06.2016 13:41


Product videos of the actual EHMANNs fishing range 12.09.2014 14:12


find us at YouTube .

Watch our videos in HD-Quality. You ca also link our videos to your webshop, to inform your customers about EHMANNS fishing products. Of course we added the videos in the items description of the respective products. Join our EHMANNS fishing - CHANNEL at YouTube to stay in touch with us.

Bivvy-Bundles at reduced prices! 29.01.2016 13:57

Overwraps have two advantages: they keep condensation out and the temperature inside more comfortable. For that reason, we permanently offer Bivvy-Bundles. Buy your Bivvy with the respective Overwrap at a reduced price.

The new Extended Bundles offer an additional frame, a groundsheet for the extra frontspace, a set of pegs and a separate bag. Extended Bivvies offer room for two to three additional recliners – or two additional bedchairs in the Maxi Bivvy.

HOT SPOT Session 1 Man Bundle - Bivvy and Overwrap - € 264,80

HOT SPOT Rock 1 Man Bundle - Bivvy and Overwrap - € 439,80

HOT SPOT Rock 2 Man Bundle - Bivvy and Overwrap - € 439,90

HOT SPOT 2 Man Bundle - Bivvy and Overwrap - € 539,80

HOT SPOT 2 Man Extended Bundle - Bivvy and Extended Overwrap - € 639,80

HOT SPOT SX 2 Man Bundle - Bivvy and Overwrap - € 629,80

HOT SPOT SX Maxi Bundle - Bivvy and Overwrap - € 819,80

PRO-ZONE SX 1 Man Bundle - Bivvy and Overwrap - €  719,80

PRO-ZONE SX 2 Man Bundle - Bivvy and Overwrap - € 829,80


Delivery while stocks last!

Sellout goods greatly reduced prices! 12.09.2014 12:11

Over the years some items piled up that are no longer part of our range. To make room for new goods, we reduced these items as much as we can.

So if you like to make a bargain, take a look at the sellout section. Lots of products of the following categories:

Leads – carp rigs - artificial baits – hooks – carp bits and pieces – literature – seafishing – predatory fishing – metalware – floats – quivers – lures – luggage and swivels