Banners for your website and store

You want to advertise our products at your online shop or in your store to increase sales?

We have the solution for your internet appearance and store!

Banners for your store

We offer EHMANNS flags for your store to advertise our products. They say "complete range obtainable on order" to draw your costumers attention. Our flags come in three versions:

  • Cloth 145 x 75 cm
  • Cloth 235 x 120 cm
  • Canvas 235 x 120 cm

Interested retailers please contact us.

Banners for your website

With a single line of HTML-code you can show our banner sets. A single banner is shown at random on your site at a time. A restart of the site will show another random banner.

This banner system dynamically shows the EHMANNS fishing range in your store. You do not need to update banners yourself, because we update the banners for you. You will always have the newest version automatically. Thus there is no need to worry about obsolete advertisements!

Just copy the HTML-code (mark and press STRG+C) and insert (STRG+V) on your website at the desired place- done!

Of course you are allowed to save and insert our banners on your homepage, too.

If you have any questions or problems concerning the insertion of the HTML-code we will be glad to help you!

SET 1 » 200 x 400 px
HTML-Code: <img src="" border="0" width="200" height="400">
SET 2 » 468 x 120 px
HTML-Code: <img src="" border="0" width="468" height="120">